Evening Session

Call for concert pieces is here

Call for presentations

We call for your demonstration/presentation of Max such as your own patch, external object, your works and so on. The selected applicants will give your presentation in the evening session during our extension lectures. Especially, we emphasis the theme of Max’s 30 years anniversary, since Max was born. Therefore, the subject which relates with this, will be much appreciated.


Please send us an outline of your presentation with associated files if necessary. The guidelines for application are as follows. - The outline should be written in Japanese or English - The outline sentence amounts to less than 4,000 characters in Japanese or 1,000 words in English - The text format is plain text or PDF - The image file format is JPEG or EPS - Total capacity of outline and associated files is within 100 MB - The presentation time including preparation is 30 minutes or less


Please submit the outline or associated files by attachment to your E-mail or by upload to online service for file transfer, WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com). The procedure of upload is explained http://web-marketing.zako.org/web-tools/transfer-large-files-wetransfer.html. Please inform us by E-mail after your submission by WeTransfer.

Email for submission:


Please send us no later than July 30, 2019.