Call for Works

Call for speakers at evening session is here





Overview of Application

Application Term:May 15th to June 30th, 2019

Notice for Acceptance : early July, 2019


[Date]Augutht 9th, 2019

[Place]2nd hall, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts

  • We will not pay any fees including transportation, accommodation, production fees.
  • We will prepare sound equipments and projectors. Any other special equipments like adaptor for cables, please prepare by yourself.
  • We will notify more specific schedule including rehearsal and a duration of your performance later.

Application Requirements

  • Multiple pieces will be played in one concerts, hence a technical complexity and a scale of your work need to be in a realistic range.
  • Duration must be ~15min.
  • Using Max in a work.
  • Must be a performance piece.
  • We don’t care about whether a composer will play or the other performer will.
  • Must be able to respond flexibly to the schedule and rules proposed by commitee.
  • Must be able to communicate with English or Japanese. Nationality and age is not limited.
  • Must be able to participate a rehearsal and concert.


  • copyrights are belong to creators.
  • Copyrights of photos for archiving taken during the workshop belong to Max Summer School.
  • Please cooperate with shooting and coverages.
  • We do not take a resoponsibility for health/accident insurance coverages. Please take a responsibility by yourself.


Please fill an application form below.

Please describe required equipments, technical comments, duration for preparation as specific as possible.

Notice of Acceptance

We will judge based on submitted materials.

We will notify only to accepted people until mid July indivisually.

We will publish the result on this website on early July.


Please reach to e-mail address below. We can not respond anything about the examination.